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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sonic’s shipping address?

Your name/Sonic Express

2780 Sw 3rd Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Does Sonic consolidate?

Yes we consolidate all packages delivered to us within the same week.

Why was I charged another documentation fee for items that arrived the same week?

Once items are picked up you forfeit your documentation. Another documentation fee will be issued even if items arrived within the same week.

What are Sonic’s shipping rates?

Freight rates are one dollar ($1) per lb. or volume whichever is greater

Why should I buy insurance on my packages?

Although insurance is not mandatory, it is recommended for all items over two hundred & fifty dollars ($250.00). Sonic will not be liable for anything over this amount.

When should I expect my packages to arrive?

Items should be in Nassau twenty four (24) –forty eight (48) hours after delivery to our Fort Lauderdale office. Give us a call

How is my bill calculated?

Your bill is calculated by the following:

  1. A documentation fee of $10 is charged on items five (5) lbs. or less.

OR A documentation fee of $22 is charged on items more than five (5) lbs.

  • Custom’s duty on your items
  • 12% vat of the total items shipped
  • Freight
  • 12% Vat for Sonic’s service rendered

Why am I being charged documentation?

Documentation is Sonic’s brokerage fee for processing your entry with The Bahamas Custom’s Department.

What is flat rate freight?

Flat rate freight is all packages under ten (10) lbs.

Why am I charged different documentation fees?

Sonic charges two documentation rates.

A documentation fee of $10 is charged on items five (5) lbs. or less.

A documentation fee of $22 is charged on items more than five (5) lbs.

Why am I being charged custom duty rates?

All items entering the country are where applicable

What is Sonic’s shipping schedule?

Sonic has four (4) flights per week. Our flight days are Tuesday-Friday.

How long is the billing process?

All bills can be processed within one business day. All necessary invoices should be sent in order to calculate your bill.

Which email address do I forward my invoice?

All invoices should be forwarded to

Should I wait until my package arrives to forward my invoice?

No, immediately after placing your order with your seller, invoices should be forwarded to Sonic.

Why was the shipping charges added to the total cost of my items?

Shipping fees are considered a part of the total cost of all items brought into the country.

Why was my invoice rejected?

Bills can’t be processed without a proper invoice. All invoices should have:

  1. Company’s information (name, address, telephone contact)
  2. Description of items
  3. Total cost of items